Hello Sangita! India has eased visa and travel restrictions for foreigners, including US citizens. Now, U.S. citizens can travel to India for any purpose except tourism. Therefore, you may not be able to travel to India on a tourist visa. Please go through www.indianeagle.com/travelbeats/air-india-vbm-air-bubble-flights-2020/ Hello Somrita! Qatar Airways is still not open to flights between the United States and India. Things can change for the better when you go to travel in October. Yes, it is safe to travel on bubble flights. To be exempt from institutional quarantine in Delhi, make sure that your entire itinerary from the United States to Kolkata is booked in a single PNR. The second requirement for exemption from institutional quarantine is a negative RT-PCR test report of the port of origin. Please see www.indianeagle.com/travelbeats/air-suvidha-inbound-travelers-india/ for more details. The latest country to be added to the list of countries with which India shares air bubble agreements is Australia, as India signed an air transport agreement with the country last week.

Here`s what we know so far. By Anushka Goel Hello Kumar! Yes, you can travel from United States to Chennai (Madras) on British Airways flights. If you wish to be exempted from institutional quarantine upon arrival at Chennai Airport, you must have a negative Rt-PCR exam of your U.S. origin. It is recommended to go through www.indianeagle.com/travelbeats/tamil-nadu-institutional-quarantine-guidelines/ for the Quarantine Rules of Tamil Nadu. Hi, I thought British Airways was part of the bubble. I see that lufthansa can fly from Atlanta to Bangalore. Does British Airways operate the same route? I booked tickets with British Airways in September from Atlanta to Bangalore.

To mitigate a variety of Covid-10 quarantine and testing rules in arrival destinations, governments are implementing „air bubble“ agreements between countries. Air bubbles or travel corridors are systems established between two countries that perceive each other as safe and allow airlines from both countries to carry passengers in both directions without restrictions. Hello Somrita! The form, which you can find on CGI`s website, is used to register for Vande Bharat mission flights from the United States. It is no longer necessary. The Indian government has abolished this protocol. Please check out the latest updates here www.indianeagle.com/travelbeats/air-india-vbm-air-bubble-flights-2020/ Although Saudi Arabia welcomed Umrah pilgrims, tour operators were reluctant to offer packages that expected a volatile travel market due to the lack of direct flights between the two countries. The Indian government has long been actively pursuing an air bubble deal with Saudi Arabia. The Indian ambassador, Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, was constantly working on the agreement that was finally reached. So far, India has signed air bubble agreements with 35 countries. Hello Shyam! Please click on the United Airlines flight schedule for the U.S.-India air bubble for the month of October.

Air India has announced Phase 7 of the Vande Bharat mission for air bubble flights between the United States and India. Phase 7 of Air India`s VBM flights between the United States and India will take effect on November 1, 2020 and will last until March 28, 2021. Since adhering to certain guidelines for travel to and from India is mandatory these days, you can trust Indian Eagle to easily book your trip on bubble flights. Please note that Air India`s Phase 7 VBM of bubble flights between the US and India may change in the short term given the unprecedented situation during the COVID19 pandemic. Can U.S. pass holders fly from the U.S. to India with OCI Can I travel from India to the U.S. with Emirates Airlines? I hold an Indian passport. Hello, so we can`t travel to the US from India via BA with H1B visa (I am an Indian citizen)? I see restrictions on the B1/B2 visitor visa, but no clarity for the H1B, H4 visa. Hello Yasmin! Yes, you can travel on direct flights operated by Air India and United Airlines.

We don`t know if you can use the Delta Credit Voucher for the return flight. It depends on the rules of the ticket. If you are an Indian Eagle customer, please contact our travel advisors at help@indianeagle.com or 001-800-615-3969 (from India) or 1-800-615-3969 (from the United States). Hello Yasmin! We can be reached at 1-800-615-3969 from the United States and 001-800-615-3969 from India. Or you can contact us at help@indianeagle.com. Thank you very much! Hi Sir, I am planning a return trip from December to January from the United States to India (Chennai). I hold an Indian passport. Can I travel Emirates or BA or LF? I saw your last answer to the same related question. BA and AF are required for U.S. passport.

h1/h4 is not allowed?. Hello Garima! The November flight schedule for air bubble flights between the U.S. and India is not yet known. Air India and United Airlines will certainly operate flights between the United States and India in November. We`re pretty sure that many more airlines will resume service and many routes between the U.S. and India will open in November. On August 13, Lufthansa resumed Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt and Munich to India as part of the bilateral air bubble agreement between Germany and India. For some of our customers, including Indian passport holders and nationals of Indian origin from the United States, we have booked Lufthansa flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru until Lufthansa`s revised travel criteria for passengers come into effect on 21 October 2020. .